Terms and conditions

Bricopor Unip. Ltd is not intended for sale to final consumers.

Our mission focuses on sales for resale and professionals, commonly known as B2B.

Bricopor Unip., Lda reserves the right not to automatically present its resale prices.

We reserve the right to accept, exclude and eliminate the records and permissions of customers who do not meet the resale requirements, that is, have started activity at the finance and accounting level.

The promotions presented are valid only for the day they appear on the website, and can be renewed successively.

Prices shown in the Reseller customer area do not include taxes.

Some items may change, in their final price, due to Ecovalor and Ecoreee rates. However, for technical reasons, it is still not possible for us to break down these legal fees in the detail of your order.

Bricopor reserves the right to accept and/or cancel orders without prior notice.

Orders received do not constitute a sales contract in any way, the order confirmation email sent does not confirm our stock availability for the items ordered.

Bricopor reserves the right to accept, maintain and/or cancel/block customer accounts without prior notice.